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"Wisdom is defined as the proper use of knowledge."

-- Michael Adeyoju, Motivational Speaker

Welcome to Wealthy Mind

Wealthy MindI will like to welcome you to the first day of the rest of your life! You are on this website for a reason. Whether you were sent here by a friend or you just happened to find us through a search engine or a referring link, you were not sent here by chance. You are meant to be here. As you will learn over the course of the rest of your life, nothing happens by chance or by mistake. Everything is pre-ordained.

You were intended to read this page and you were destined to be on this computer at this particular moment. You were meant to wake up today, and more importantly, you are meant to wake up spiritually to the TRUE reality of your TRUE nature and purpose of your life.

See, a lot of us are “sleeping.” We are physically awake but we are not awake enough to see the big picture of our lives. We are like drones blindly going through the motions of a daily grind of assigned "chores." We don’t know why we do what we do. Some of us follow the crowd and do it because others are doing it. Others do it because they have no choice.

Whatever it is, we just simply exist in mediocrity. But I can tell you this: by grace or fate (or whatever you want to call it) you will one day, if you have not already, become dissatisfied with your current chores. This dissatisfaction could come in the form of an event that would prick your consciousness, causing you to think about the status quo and questioning the present way things are done. You will suddenly or gradually see flaws in the way you were taught to think and no one around you would understand what you are experiencing.

Your consciousness would constantly hint you about a bigger truth out there and you will begin to hunger for it. You will wonder what is happening to you and you might even think that you are loosing your mind. Believe me, there is nothing wrong with you – you are simply being reborn. I am very happy to inform you that you are not alone in your quest for truth. This hunger is a good thing and I can guarantee you that it was placed in your heart by a larger Being.

Like a brand new car, you were created for a purpose but you had simply forgotten your “driver” after assembly. You really had no clue how to navigate your way to your true destiny. As you bumped your way on the highway of life, you had some accidents along the way and managed to barely patch yourself without being able to understand your owner’s manual. You relied on the directions of your head lights, on what you see physically, and you blindly followed the other cars on the highway hoping that they know the way.

Sometimes you find yourself going in circles and at other times you make little progress. But the good news is that you have remembered your inner driver and how to use the Universal GPS. Believe me, as no car can drive its self, no human can really physically navigate this journey of life alone.

Again, I welcome you to the next phase of your life: rediscovering who you truly are and walking the path of true well-being and prosperity.

I bid you peace, blessings and a wealthy mind.

Shola Salako
Founder, Wealthy Mind


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