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"Love is a state of being not a state of feeling. It goes well beyond the realm of the emotions. It's an attitude of benevolence and kindness towards all creation, including one's self, at all times and under all circumstances. Love is the most powerful magnetic force in the universe."

-- Carnelian Sage, Author

August 2011

A Lesson About Power

I received this story this morning and thought to share it with you. Enjoy and learn!

For several months now, I've been running trails on a big hill here in Laguna Beach, and I've seen all sorts of wild life. I've even had a coyote run alongside me for nearly a quarter mile. Just loping along, acting like some kind of pet. I've rustled up beautiful foxes, mule deer and reticent bobcats, too. While there are hikers and mountain bikers on the same hill, I can run a good mile or two without seeing anyone in sight. (This does not make my mother very happy, but I love the mind break I get from it.)


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