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"High achievers spot rich opportunities swiftly, make big decisions quickly, and move into action immediately. Follow these principles and you can make your dreams come true."

-- Robert H. Schuller, Televangelist, Pastor and Author

Who is Shola Salako?

As I pondered about what to write about myself, I remembered answering this question at an earlier time. Early one morning as I viewed my Facebook news feed for worthy status updates to contribute to, an interesting post by someone who I believe would be a precious friend caught my attention. His question pricked a deep part of my consciousness because it is a question that I had asked myself years earlier: "...Why are you here on this earth? What is your mission on earth? What are you here to achieve?" I instinctively knew that the enquirer is someone of inner greatness and worthy of a noble response.

Who am I? I am Shola Salako, husband and father to three awesome boys. I live in Michigan; however, I was born in New York and raised partly in New York and Nigeria, West Africa. Immediately after the birth of my first born, I experienced what many call a spiritual awakening and I started to question everything. It was during that strange phase that I re-discovered my purpose and mission in this physical life.

My purpose in life is quite clear and simple: I am agent of hope to a countless number of hopeless people on this planet -- people with dreams and aspirations but without an opportunity to fulfill them. I am meant to meet numerous individuals in various desperate situations and offer them solutions that would change their lives forever for many generations.

The origin of my name, Olushola, is from the Yoruba tribe of Western Africa. It means "God creates wealth" in a literal sense. After my awakening and learning my purpose, I found myself deeply meditating on myself and my name. I started viewing myself and my name from different perspectives: my parents - the ones that gave me the name, my Creator - the One that creates wealth, and myself. From my parents' perspective, I was a gift of wealth from God and they expected their wealth status to improve as I grow. From God's perspective, I am a gift of wealth to the world. That leaves one more perspective: mine. I am wealth.

So who am I? I am an embodiment of wealth and my purpose is to free others financially. I would meet a desperate factory worker in poverty-stricken Ukraine who aspires to own a toy factory so as to improve the future of her hungry children. I would meet a garbage scavenger in Thailand who has a dream to rid his country of garbage. I would meet a poor family of bean cake sellers at a bus stop in Lagos, Nigeria who aspire to mass-produce bean cakes in packaged materials. I would be the necessary change and investor in the lives of these people – ones who have been written off by society. My simple acts of kindness and charity would change the destinies of entire generations.

My mission dictates that I shine my inner light onto all the people of the world that are trapped in darkness, infecting them and helping them to reignite their inner light which hopelessness had almost extinguished. My light shines brightly to all reminding something deep within them of a time of true abundance. The aim of my being and this website is to trigger inner change within you.

This is who I am: an agent of hope to the hopeless. (Please also see www.hopeagents.org)

I encourage you to leave comments about your purpose and mission in life. Why do you exist and what drives you daily to do what it is that you do? What difference will your existence on this planet make? Why aren’t you giving up on your goals? I would greatly appreciate this and I believe it could be a possible start to a greater fulfillment beyond the comprehension of our little minds. It could also explain the hidden truths about why we are even connected in the first place. Don't forget to sign-up to receive periodical promptings of the mind for your mental nourishment.

I bid you peace, blessings and a wealthy mind.

'Shola Salako
Founder, Wealthy Mind


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